Worksheet Crafter 2015.1 is available

I am happy to announce that the new Worksheet Crafter 2015.1 is finally available. This new version comes with a set of new features requests by our customers, such as:

  • A new exercise template for number triangles
  • Flexible number spaces for all items
  • Automatic recovery of worksheets
  • New clip arts for lesson organization and finger counting
  • Optimized size for worksheet files
  • Improvements to existing math exercise template

All these new features are available both for the Mac and the Windows version.

New Exercise Template for "Number Triangles

The new Worksheet Crafter includes the number triangle as a new math exercise. The number triangle supports both addition and multiplication exercises and can be used for various purposes:


For this item, Worksheet Crafter optionally also computes the solution in manual mode as long as sufficient input values are provided. This means that answer keys can also be created in manual mode.

Flexible Number Spaces for All Items

As wished by many customers the math exercise items now provide an option for entering a custom number space. You can thus use the exercise generator with any number space you like, such as 5, 30, 70 or even 12.523. This greatly enhances the possibility of creating differentiated material for your students. While adding this feature we have also extended the valid number space for many items. Most of the items now support a number space from 5 to 1.000.000.

Automatic Recovery

The new Worksheet Crafter automatically takes care of restoring your previous work when the application or your computer crashes. For this purposes it regularly tracks your current work in the background (just on your local computer). This will hopefully reduce frustration if the worst case (computer crash) happens.

New Clip Arts for Lesson Organization and Finger Counting

The new premium clipart collection "lesson organization" comes with various cliparts describing forms of working, tasks and school subjects. For example this includes reading, writing, speaking, partner work, group work, general science, visual arts and many more.


The premium cliparts have also been extended with "finger counting" cliparts. These cliparts are especially useful for introducing mathematics in elementary schools. They include 20 images, covering both the left and the right hand in various poses. As usual all cliparts are shipped in color, grayscale and as outline:


Optimized Size for Worksheet Files

We have significantly reduced the file size and memory consumption of worksheet files, especially when using many images. Dependent on the number of images worksheets now need up to 20 times less space in memory and on your hard disc.

This leads to many advantages. First of all it is now easier to send worksheets to friends since they are more compact in size. Second, complex worksheets now also load properly on computers with limited memory.

Improvements to Existing Math Exercise Templates

For the existing math exercises we have implemented the following customer wishes:

  • The number ray now also supports step sizes of 1 in the number spaces 10.000 and larger. Previously only step sizes of 10 and 100 where allowed in that case.
  • The number pyramid can now use multiples of ones in the number spaces 1.000 and higher. Previously the exercise could only show multiples of 10 in these number spaces.
  • The number house can now be reduced to one level in manual mode. Previously there was a minimum of two levels for this exercise.

How do I get the New Version?

If you already own the Basic or Premium Edition then you will get the new version for free, as part of your annual license. If you own the Unlimited Edition then you may purchase the new version for a reduced price. In any case you should receive an email with more information from us in the next few hours. If you don’t get this email then please contact me.

I hope that you like the new version! I am looking forward to your comments.

Best wishes,

Fabian Roeken

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