Worksheet Crafter 2021.3 is available

We are happy to announce that the new Worksheet Crafter 2021.3 is now available. This new version comes with many useful features requested by our customers.

Change the Character Spacing

The new Worksheet Crafter allows you to change the character spacing for Text box items.

Select the text you want to modify. Then use the character spacing setting in the text formatting toolbar to change the spacing:

Sound Recording

Worksheet Crafter now has a Recording feature.

From now on you may create your own recordings for interactive tablet worksheets directly in Worksheet Crafter.
This comes in handy when you want to record voice messages for your students. Or anything else you might come up with. The new feature is found in the Sounds tab of your content browser next to the playback bar.

Define the playback behavior for Sounds in Worksheet Go!

Here is a new outlet for your creativity. Use the Sound properties to define how Sounds react in interactive worksheets. The following options for the behaviour on tapping are now available:

  • Start-Stop: As before the Sound will stop when tapped during playback.
  • (Re-)start: Tapping the Sound during playback will immediately restart it. E.g. you might want this behavior when including Sounds to be played like a musical instrument.
  • Start-Pause-Resume: Your students may pause and resume the playback. This is especially useful for longer sounds like a musical composition.

This allows you to create worksheets such as this one:

Deprecation of Content

With this release we opened up new options for our editors. Content as well as whole asset packages may now be marked as legacy or deleted.

This allows us to keep the content browser neat and appropriate by hiding content that is no longer matching our standards.

If your worksheets contain such content, they may still be fully viewed and edited. You may even install deleted or legacy asset packages when they are used in the worksheet.

Sort your content alphabetically

When you have one of your user categories selected, you may hit the sort button in the bar below the content browser to sort its content alphabetically. This allows you to easily get the content in order after renaming it.

Update for Worksheet Go!

As part of this update we also shipped a new version of Worksheet Go! in the App Store and Play Store. This update is required for the new playback behaviour. Additionally your students can now use Worksheet Go! with a localized, English user interface if the tablet is configured to English language.

One more thing: One installation file for all

With the 2021.3 version we changed our application so that all users can now use the latest installation file and thus the latest version of Worksheet Crafter. No matter whether you purchased the Premium or Unlimited Edition.

This means that you will now all benefit from the latest patches and minor improvements. As for the major features, Worksheet Crafter will analyse your license and automatically enable them if your license entitles you to use them.

Many more fixes and improvements

In addition to the above we made the following fixes and improvements:

We fixed a bug with the math grid height property.

  • On Mac the icons for preview content are now correctly placed.
  • Some content browser layout issues on multi monitor systems were resolved.
  • Worksheet Crafter now remembers if you enabled online search in between application starts.
  • An issue with inserting text from other applications was fixed.
  • The syllable hyphenator now correctly keeps double-vowels such as 'oo' together.
  • … and many more

How to get the update

You can download the new Worksheet Crafter 2021.3 directly from our download side:

If you own an Unlimited Edition and want to use the latest features, then look for an update in the help menu of Worksheet Crafter once you installed the version 2021.3. This will lead you to a page where you can see the upgrade options. We will also send you an offer within the next days. If you don’t receive a mail from us, please contact us.

I hope you enjoy the new version. Let us know what you think about it.

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