Worksheet Crafter 2022.2 is available

We are happy to announce that the new Worksheet Crafter 2022.2 is now available. This new version comes with many useful features requested by our customers.

New Exercise Item: Partial Written Method

We added a new exercise item for partial written method exercises to Worksheet Crafter. This allows you to create exercises for partial written addition and subtraction.

The advanced settings allow for detailed refinement options - you might be familiar with this from the number operations item. With this you may define overrun rules and set restrictions for digits in a flexible way.  In manual mode Worksheet Crafter will calculate solutions and the solution path for you automatically when you typed in your exercise.

New: Whiteboard View

The new whiteboard view makes it easier for you to use the Worksheet Crafter on interactive whiteboards. It provides a view with a reduced user interface - less distraction for your students. And it allows you to toggle the visibility of the worksheet solutions. For you to be able to use the whiteboard view it is required that you can open or display the Worksheet Crafter on your whiteboard.

For now we created a first simple version of the whiteboard view with a small set of options. We hope that this provides a basis for you and us to find out together what you need and how to go on with this.

Open the whiteboard view via the F10 key or the menu View.

Improved Number Comparison Exercises

In the last Worksheet Crafter release we introduced the Number Comparison Item. In this version we further improved the exercise generator for number comparisons:

The children learn in class to compare numbers starting with the leftmost digit and proceeding to the right. This makes multi-digit exercises that already differ in the first digit easy to solve. Now the exercise generator varies multi-digit exercises in their difficulty. In example after creating new values a block with four exercises might now look like this:

New Patterns for Shapes

We added five new patterns for filling shapes to give you more creative options. There is a new pattern for wood and four new patterns for paper:

Many more fixes and improvements

In addition to the above we made the following fixes and improvements:

  • Number operations now always start with one exercise block. Previously there was a bug that in some cases lead to create a new item with a stupendously huge amount of exercises.
  • The QR code now has a maximum length for it's text content. This ensures that the text may even be mapped to a QR code.
  • When entering a search keyword in the marketplace, hitting the Enter key won't close the dialog anymore.
  • On renaming templates the favorite state will no longer get lost.
  • The item toolbar issue where sometimes the wrong symbols were shown is now fixed.
  • ... and much more

How to get the update

You can download the new Worksheet Crafter 2022.2 directly from our download page:

Open Download Page

If you own an Unlimited Edition and want to use the latest features, then look for an update in the help menu of Worksheet Crafter once you installed the version 2022.2. This will lead you to a page where you can see the upgrade options. We will also send you an offer within the next days. If you don’t receive a mail from us, please contact us.

I hope you enjoy the new version. Let us know what you think about it.

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