Worksheet Crafter 2020.3 is available

Because of the Pandemic and the “Aktion Eulennest” we skipped this year’s second release and are now updating to version 2020.3 right away. This brings a lot of new stuff:

  • We join premium content to the Content Marketplace
  • Feedback Channel for Worksheet Go!
  • Worksheets now load faster
  • Split text to several text fields
  • Equally distribute columns in tables
  • Many more small and bigger changes

As usual, all new features are available for both Windows and Mac.

We will send you a mail with the link to download the update and the Worksheet Crafter will inform you about the update until tomorrow (if you own a yearly license).

Premium Content is now
part of the Content Marketplace

Some of our content was previously part of the software and had to be installed together with the Worksheet Crafter. Now, we've added this premium content to the Content Marketplace. And while we're at it, we also immediately set about revising some of these somewhat outdated content packages.

If you install the new version, premium content is no longer automatically installed and categories are no longer displayed in the content search. You can of course still find the preview of the content with the search function and you can then download them directly using the "Install" button.

Content we are currently working on you can find in the marketplace at “Content in Progressing”.

Additionally, we preselected some content packages you can add while installing the Update or by selecting “Select Content Packages…” from the Marketplace.

Collect Results with the
Feedback Channel of Worksheet Go!

You can now register your students in Worksheet Go!. After that, you will get automatic mails with an overview of your students’ progress. You can use this to keep track of what tasks they already

This means, you can send tasks to your students and then get information on what exercises they already completed and where they still have problems.

Distribute Long Text to
Several Text Fields

You can now easily distribute text from one text field to several ones. Just click on the button in the text field properties after selecting the field or use the button that appears below text fields, that contain too much text.

Text Fields Show Title and

When dragging a text from our library to your worksheet, title and author are now automatically added to the text field.

As usual, you may of course change or even delete the elements, if you do not need them.

Exchange Interactive

We are extremely happy about this new feature: In the marketplace, you may now also exchange interactive worksheets for Worksheet Go! Find them by selecting the format “tablet” from the dropdown menu at the top of the marketplace.

You will already find there more than 400 interactive worksheets that you can use in your classes or as inspiration for your own creations. They might also help you to get acquainted with the interactive worksheet functions and elements.

Let’s Show Your Worksheets
to the World

Sometimes, we enjoy your worksheets so much, that we want to share them with everyone. Because of that, when you upload worksheets to the marketplace, you can select whether you allow us to do that or not.

New Link to Our Customer

In the Customer Portal, you find all information about your subscription. You can get there with this link or by selecting the link from the Help Menu in the Worksheet Crafter.

Even More Improvements and
New Features

  • Worksheets now load 10x as fast.
  • Duplicate Fields via the menu „Edit“ or by using the shortkey Ctrl+d.
  • New Settings in ADMIN.INI: Administrators my now automatically suppress update notifications and other startup notifications.
  • There’s now the right-angle symbol in the special characters list.
  • The Speech Output Element is now available for French
  • Worksheet Zoom is improved.
  • ... and more than 40 further improvements and corrections.

New Content Packages

How to Get the Upgrade

If you own the Basic or Premium Edition, you will get the new version free of charge for your yearly license. You can start the upgrade by selecting the upgrade from the help menu of the worksheet crafter. You or your school will get a mail about this within the next hours. If you own an Unlimited Edition, you can get the upgrade for a reduced price. We will send you an offer within the next hours. If you don’t receive a mail from us, please contact us.

I hope you enjoy the new version. Let us know what you think about it.

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