Tips for Using Worksheet Crafter

Recently we conducted a survey about the ease of use of Worksheet Crafter – and we want to thank you for your active participation!

Thanks to the survey we received a great number of ideas for improvements. Worksheet Crafter already includes solutions for some of your suggestions and questions – yet they are sometimes rather hard to find. Today we therefore want to share some brief tips and hints for Worksheet Crafter – including the answers to your questions. We hope these tips help you with your daily use of the application.

When copying items to Word the solutions are missing. Is there a remedy?

Yes. Yet you must copy the item with a specific command instead of the default "Copy" function. Select the desired field and then copy the item to the clipboard by clicking the option "Copy Item with Solution to Clipboard" in the "Edit" menu. If you click "Paste" in Word the solutions will also appear.

Moving the text boxes sometimes doesn't work so well…

Consider the following when you are working with text boxes: When you create a new text box or enter text in an existing box the item is in the "editing mode". In this mode the mouse is used for selecting text.If you want to move the text box just quit the editing mode first. Press "Esc" once, or use the mouse button to click a certain point outside the text box. Now you can click the text box with the mouse and move it.

Why can't I open the worksheet files (.abd) in other applications?

Worksheet Crafter saves your worksheet in a very specific format. This is the only way to make sure that you can change items and Exercise Generator settings at a later point in time. That's why you can't open saved worksheets in other applications.
Yet you can transfer the worksheet in form of a picture to other applications. In the "Edit" menu click "Copy Worksheet to clipboard…" and paste the sheet in the other application.

How can I transfer a worksheet to MS Word?

You can transfer a worksheet in form of a picture to MS Word. See the preceding section for a description of the procedure.

When I copy an item to Corel Draw it sometimes looks faulty…

This problem was already pointed out to us a few weeks ago. It proved to be a problem in Corel Draw. Pasting the item in a newer version of Corel Draw worked perfectly fine. Therefore we recommend an upgrade to the latest version of Corel Draw.

Sometimes my items vanish from the page when I move them. How does that happen?

As a matter of fact you have to be careful not to move the items beyond the worksheet range. Yet if this happens you can just create a new item. We are at the same time working on a better solution for the next update.

Can I change the colours of the page frame lines?

Yes, this is possible. Click "Edit Page Frame" in the "Edit" menu. In the sidebar on the right select "Line Colour" under “Line Visibility” to change the colours of the lines.

How can I insert brackets or commas in a math grid?

That's quite easy. If the box in the math grid contains a figure and you want to a add a bracket previous to the figure, move the input cursor to the box and enter the bracket character. Instead of replacing the figure Worksheet Crafter inserts the bracket previous to the figure. The same procedure applies for commas.

How can I delete a figure on the right edge of the math grid?

Navigate to the first box of the next line an press the "Backspace" key. The input cursor jumps to the end of the previous line and deletes the figure in this box.

I can only move the items step by step. Is there no other way?

Yes, there is. If you move an item with the mouse and press and hold the "Alt" key you can move the item freely. You can also use the keyboard. Press and hold "Ctrl" while moving the item with the arrow buttons.

I'd like to save my worksheets as PDF files. How does that work?

Currently Worksheet Crafter has no integrated feature for saving worksheets as PDF files. Yet you can download and install a free "PDF Printer" – for example the free version of PrimoPDF (, click "Download Free"). Afterwards you can easily "print" your worksheets as PDF files.

Do you have any further questions? Just enter a comment below!

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