Schoolcraft Launches Worksheet Crafter 2013

Today we announced the launch of Worksheet Crafter 2013. The software, which is already being used extensively by K-6 teachers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, boasts a familiar, PowerPoint-style interface and more than 2000 free clip art images to speed the creation of individualized math lesson plans, worksheets and testing templates. Full versions and trial versions of the software are available immediately for download from Schoolcraft’s website, or

"We were brought up in a large family of teachers and were confronted daily with the joys and challenges of daily lesson planning," said Felix Röken, managing partner at Schoolcraft. "At Schoolcraft, we want to do our part to actively assist primary school teachers around the world. By coupling our acquired knowledge of modern software development with the insights of countless teachers and modern teaching methods, we hope to provide educators everywhere with the creative freedom to quickly and easily produce highly tailored, high-quality teaching materials for their students."

“SchoolCraft’s offering is an outstanding benefit for teachers preparing their lessons,” said Susanne Schaefer, teacher and author of Zaubereinmaleins, a leading online blog for elementary school teachers in Germany. “Due to its unique combination of great ease of use, creative freedom and a smart exercise assistant, along with its high professional standards, Worksheet Crafter is an awesome and unrivalled solution.”

Worksheet Crafter 2013 – The PowerPoint of Teaching Template Creation

Every feature in Worksheet Crafter was designed to make the creation of teaching templates fast and easy. Key features include:

-        Familiar, Easy-to-Use Interface: The interface of Worksheet Crafter is laid out in a similar fashion to Microsoft PowerPoint, so its immediately familiar to many people working with it.

-        Drag and Drop Simplicity – Many of the elements used to create teaching templates, such as clip art, speech bubbles, lines, graphs and more, can simply be dragged onto the page, and dropped into place.

-        Built-In Teaching Templates – Worksheet Crafter’s built-in templates have all been designed with input from teachers, and give educators a great place to get started in their designs.

-        A Smart Exercise Generator – Worksheet Crafter can automatically generate worksheets for teachers just by entering a few parameters.

-        2000+ Free Clip Art Images – Teachers can choose from a huge range of free images to help them tailor their worksheets to their students’ needs.

-       An Integrated Marketplace - Teachers can share the templates they create or gain inspiration from others in an easily accessible online marketplace that is built right into the software.

-       Export to MS Word – All templates created in Worksheet Crafter can be exported with the click of a button to Microsoft® Word.

-       Regular Updates – Worksheet Crafter is updated regularly. All updates are provided to users during their license term.

Translating Worksheet Crafter for the World’s Teachers

While Worksheet Crafter began in the German-speaking regions of the world, the company would like to work with the education community to bring Worksheet Crafter to other countries. To that end, the company has set up a translation site, where educators who believe in their mission can help translate the software into their own language. A Portuguese version of the software is currently in the works, with others on the way.

To become part of the global translation team, teachers can visit and set up an account.

Pricing and Availability

Worksheet Crafter 2013 is available today via the Schoolcraft’s website, and starts at $39 USD. A free, 14-day trial version and school-wide licenses are also available. Worksheet Crafter is available for PC only, and works with the following operating systems: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 A Mac OSX version is in planning.

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